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I'm looking for the article "When bad bosses happen to good people." Can you tell me where to find it?

Read and was disappointed in your article on so called British writing on the BBC. Which in my opinion should have been about English writing as it does not give the Colonial American, the Welsh, The Irish and the Scots literary equality and bands all as British.

No Scot, Irish, Welsh or American wants to be British they have a right to their own identity outside the strictures of an Empire who wanted to bleed the natural resources of each people and educate then to believe that should be one unified cultural people.

However if you want the people of the USA to be British as the Scots, Irish and Welsh have been bloodily forced to be, keep propagating the British Imperialist nonsense as seen in your article

I am deeply sorry to see that you are pedaling the "Britishness" thing. We do not have the British language taught,we have the English language et al....

Britishness was invented to make the people of the occupied territories and the Colonies more English.

Britishness was invented after the 1680 and the Act of Union 1707 (like the Union Jack)and the expression of Britishness, so was "closely bound up with Protestantism". Neither, the Colonial Americans, Scots , Irish or the Welsh were consulted when their English Masters decided that we should all become British as a model to become less nationalist,regional and independent of culture and therefore more English.
Please read the Last of the Mohicans where the English officer is insulting the colonials

Think what the USA would have been if it had been made more British and not had a revolution.

Once again since 1945 another American is nostalgic for Churchillian Britishness which is really English Imperialism disguised.

Unlike you, I have no fancy education but I can see through the propaganda...which the educated perpetuate as a way to subjugate peoples to empires. Did not America's colonies escape the Britishness by seeking indepencence.

Please forget the aspirin of Britishness and tell the truth...Englishness.

Stefan Nyland